Client Experiences

"My relationship with my partner has not been good for the last year. I could not understand what to do about it, things were getting really bad. Counselling helped me sort it out."
Young woman in a difficult relationship
"My family and friends were saying I needed to go to counselling, all the stuff in my past was coming up and I could not deal with it. I did not want to go, who wants to go into all that pain. In the end I found it a great relief."
Adult abused as a child
"I will never get over the loss of my son but with your help I can manage to go on living."
Bereaved mother
"I was having difficulties at work and was stressed out. Whatever I did seemed to make it worse. When I got home I was irritable and cross, my family was fed up with me. I came to counselling because I did not know what else to do. I did not believe talking would help, but it did it helped me wind down and think the issues through."
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